Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bob remembers

Bob remembers where he put the good stuff. After a couple of tumblers of it over ice, he pens this in this week's Edina Sun Current:

To the editor:

My wife and I had a marvelous time at the Edina Fourth of July parade.

We helped decorate a float and then had a ball handing out red, white and blue beads to the veterans and all the kids. We gave beads to everyone who smiled or put out their hands, regardless of what political candidate's sticker they were wearing.

Then we went to the Senate District 41 Republican barbecue at the Community Center. What a great sight it was to see all of the veterans sitting together at tables and eating those terrific burgers and brats. I would love to have heard some of the stories being told. No one cared to what political party you belonged. What a great way to celebrate July 4th.

All this feeling of patriotism and good fun was quickly deflated when I read two days later that DFL endorsed Senate District 41 candidate Andrew Borene got into a political snit and complained about the way our wonderful veterans were invited to the barbecue. I don't know who should be more ashamed: Mr. Borene or Edina's Recreation Supervisor Susie Miller who kowtowed to Borene's silly complaint and sent a letter of apology to all of the veterans.

The citizens of Edina do not need a person of Mr. Borene's ilk representing us in the state Senate and I will do everything I can to ensure our current Sen. Geoff Michel, R-Edina, gets re-elected in November.

Bob Maginnis

Bob is apparently upset. Talk about your snits, Bob! Bob is going to do everything he can to insure that Geoff Michel wins in the fall. That right Bob, vote early and vote often! It's the Republican way around the country these days.

Spotty, wasn't Andrew Borene a Marine officer who participated in the initial invasion of Iraq?

Why yes grasshopper he was. He also worked for John Kerry's campaign - which carried Edina, by the way, making the hair on red necks stand up all over town - and he is active in a veteran's organization to champion the concerns of Iraq and Afghanistan vets. He's a keeper, in Spot's opinion.

Bob sees nothing wrong at all for the City of Edina to sponsor or promote a political event? And Bob was apparently too busy handing out beads and trinkets to the kids in the crowd to notice that there were a lot of veterans marching with Borene's campaign in the parade. In spite of what Bob thinks, Republicans don't have a monopoly on veterans or love of country.

They seem to have a near-monopoly on something else, though.