Thursday, May 04, 2006

Does not play well with others

Now it seems that Republicans in general are unhappy that Senator Michel may not get to bask in the sunshine of a Gophers stadium:
Efforts to approve the bill without the tax failed when Republicans complained that instead of Republican Sen. Geoff Michel, not Sen. Pogemiller, should be the chief author of the bill because he'd worked on the issue for two years.

Aw, the senator from Edina champions a deal to sell off a piece of the University's soul - the name Veteran's Memorial Stadium -to a savings and loan. And some people don't think that's a good idea. Perhaps the Republicans would prefer Michel Memorial Stadium, which Spot hopes will be appropriate after November!

Geoff Michel is one of the last persons you would nominate to be a bipartisan leader, capable of carrying a controversial piece of legislation. It is small wonder the bill got into trouble when it got serious attention.