Monday, February 27, 2006

Town hall meeting report . . .

Spot has a report of last Thursday's (2/23) town hall meeting up at minvolved. This is the meeting at the Edina City Hall with Reps. Erhardt and Peterson and Sen. Michel.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Borene gets important endorsement

Read about the DFL Veterans Caucus endorsement here.

Mea culpa . . .

Mea maxima culpa! Spot has neglected his first-born for entirely too long while lavishing attention on that strumpet, the Cucking Stool. The next session of the Legislature starts in about a week, so that will soon change.

On Thursday night, the 23rd, the District 41 legislators - Neil Peterson, Ron Erhardt, and Geoff Michel - will hold a town hall meeting at the Edina City Hall at 7 PM. Spot has a column at minvolved that should be up shortly with a list of questions you might consider if you are going to the town hall meeting - and shame on you if you're not!

One of the authors of minvolved, by the way, has been posting about Andrew Borene, a DFL candidate to replace Michel. You can read his latest post here. Its title? Borene Building Major Momentum. Spotty says check it out.